How to get to the theatre?

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    *  from Jonkowo(bus stops PKS, MPK): go through the village Jonkowo, all the time straight ahead , passing (in that sequence) the church, school and the fire brigade building, to the village Wegajty (about 2 kilometres). At the end of the village Wegajty, following the sign turn right, into a gravel road (a cart-track). Another sign ('go left') will appear after about 800 metres, the third one is located less than 200 metres before the theatre. (that makes it about 45 minutes on foot)

    * from "Węgajty colony" bus stop (PKS bus): about 50 metres from the stop (in the direction the bus goes), turn left into a cart-track (gravel road). After about 700 metres you'll see a sign leading right to the theatre. (altogether about 20 minutes on foot)

    * from Gotki railway station (PKP): follow the road parallel to the rails towards Olsztyn. Turn left by the first cross by the road (after about 300 metres) into a dirt road. The road leads among fields and later between the edge of the forest and pastures. When you've gone past the last pasture, turn right, straight to the theatre (from this cross-road it is no more than 5 minutes on foot). Altogether, the way from Gotki takes about 25 minutes.


PKP (Polish Railway)

(journey time approx 20 mins)

Timetable PKP

To search should enter the destination station Gotki (PKP used a different spelling of the name of the village than PKS!)

Private minibus line „SA-TO BUS”

(Transport of passengers Olsztyn, Jonkowo, Godki, Szałstry, Gamerki Wielkie)

Timetable the bus

Stops near Theatre:

Olsztyn-Godki-Olsztyn: stop in the village Węgajty
Olsztyn-Gamerki-Olsztyn: stop Wegajty colony
Olsztyn-Szałstry-Olsztyn: stop Jonkowo

PKS (Polish Buses)

Timetable PKS

You can be reached by bus only to Jonkowo.

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