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Theatre Village 2017
the art of coexistence, the beginnings

22 – 28 July



- Local laboratory – the final show of the workshops „Summer in the theatre”
- Alertness (working title) - a show by The Other Theatre School, staged by Wacław Sobaszek


- Empathy – a performance of the Social Theatre Laboratory, guided by Dorota Ogrodzka
- A Fable About Forest (working title) – the final show of the workshops by Danuta Nowak and Dariusz Matusiak, with the participation of the storyteller Magda Polkowska


- To face – a performance of the Krzyk (The Cry) theatre, directed by Marek Kościółek


- How to Become a Master? – a performance by the „Barka” ensemble, created as a part of a Social Self-Help House activities, directed by Marta Guściora
- Brudło of Wąchabno – a theatre investigation by Alicja Brudło, directed by: Weronika Fibich


- a concert of the group „On the Mountaintop”
- Sztetl-Welt – a performance and a street intervention of the 3.5 theatre, directed by Marek Kurkiewicz


- Comes only to go again – a performance with butoh dance, Tagore’s poetry and creation of a picture in real time. By Joanna Sarnecka, Ewa Kutylak and Maciej Harna


- The Parrot and the Golden Cage - a performance by the Association for Practicing Culture, created as a part of an animation project in the Refugee Centre in Dębak, under the guidance of Nelya and Daniel Brzezińscy

Every day: a performance by Margaux Kier

Workshops (initial schedule) – descriptions and informations soon on our webpage:

23-25 July – Rafał Urbacki: Horizon of events – movement workshops
23 July – Danuta Nowak and Dariusz „Birdie” Matusiak: activities in nature *
23-24 July – „Syreny” („Mermaids”) ensemble, vocal improvisation *
24 July – Erdmute and Wacław Sobaszek: Open Dance Course
24 July – Dorota Ogrodzka: performance *
26-27 July – Emilia Hagelganz, Zofia Bartoszewicz: Comedians in spite of all – voice/body/soul/mind/emotions/relations/together/apart/listening/carelessness/care of.../
26-27 July – Maria Jenny Burniewicz: eurythmy *
25-27 July – Mieczysław Litwiński: Com-positio VI
23-26 July – Jan „Wild” Sajdak and Ewa Dąbrowska: Between judo and basket- weaving continued
28 July – Tadeusz Piotrowski: Reeds at dawn – drawing
23,25,27 July (the dates can still be modified) – Izabela Giczewska: creating a tipi using the Japanese technique of shibori – a workshop for children and parents

* The title of the workshop shall soon be made known, together with the description and full information as to the conditions for application


23.07. theatre pedagogy in Węgajty – four actions of the Summer in the Theatre (Wiktoria Rutkowska)
24.07. „35 years in Węgajty”, with the participation of, among others, Tomasz Łubieński, Katarzyna Krupka
26.07. „Berlin-Aleppo” – an account from the March for Peace (Marta Szuchnicka)
27.07. „Culture after the Congress” (working title), with the participation of Edwin Bendyk

New books and a film – meetings with the authors:

- Wacław Sobaszek – In Between –Thoughts, Images, Dreams, published by Oficyna Przyjaciół (the date to be given soon)
- Joanna Sarnecka – A Diary of an Escapee, published by Oficynka (the date to be given soon)

23.07. Katarzyna Marcysiak and Khalid Thiabji – In Search of a Man of the Heart (Polish premiere of the film about Khalid Thiabji)

Stowarzyszenie "Węgajty"


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