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Theatre Village 2017

author: fieldwork project
date: Jun 17, 2017

Theatre Village 2017
the art of coexistence, the beginnings

22 – 28 July

Theatre Village 2017

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update 07.07.2017

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theatre village 2016

author: fieldwork project
date: Jun 12, 2016

THEATRE VILLAGE 2016 – Tropic Warmia

Węgajty, 18-23 July 2016

theatre village 2016

The Other Theatre School 2016

author: fieldwork project
date: Feb 28, 2016

Join the Other Theatre School for its third workshop and expedition of the year!

The Other Theatre School

For about twenty years we have been making annual expeditions to the Suwalki region of Poland, where village residents have preserved the local tradition of the "Alleluia Going". The event, prepared through the collaboration of workshop participants, alludes to rural forms of Easter carolling; however, it is also a search for multicultural, theatrical and authentic continuity oriented equally toward the past and the future. The group's "going" in the rural Suwalki borderland area is based on spring-themed folk songs from various regions of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. The journey ends in a final meeting of the village residents (and guests) on the night of "Wet" Easter Monday. The shared holiday celebration culminates in a performance created by workshop participants. Each year the development of this performance is an attempt at answering the question of how to work with traditional material. The turning point along this journey occurred in 2010, when we chose the theme of "roots and shoots" (named after Jane Goodall's organization). Elements such as earth and water, present in the oldest rituals, became a canvas for reflection on the future of the world. In this way we created the pieces "Water 2030" and "Earth B", which draw attention to imminent global environmental crises.

This year we invite people who are active and willing to take creative risks to participate in the next cycle of work.

Alelujki, The Other Theatre School 2016
21 - 29 of march
workshop and expedition

The workshop program includes the study of traditional motifs related to Easter carolling in the Polish-Lithuanian-Belarussian borderland, as well as the following:

physical and voice exercises
various forms of folk dance from different parts of Europe
development of work with carnival masks
creation of a performance with masks

The workshop will end with the expedition and Easter Carolling in the Suwalki region

If you are interested in participating in this project, we ask that you email us by 7 March at the latest. People who are new to The Other Theatre School's workshops are requested to provide three short descriptive statements

1. A description of your practical interests.
2. A description of related experience (participation in creative workshops run by theatre groups, musical groups, etc.)
3. A description of what you hope to gain from your participation in this venture.

Acceptance notifications will be sent by 9 March. Please be advised that space is limited. The workshop fee includes room and board, meals and transportation throughout the expedition to Suwalki.

The fee will be 470 PLN maximum. If we manage to find a more economical means of transport to the Suwalki region, this fee may be reduced.

Previous participants of The Other Theatre School's workshops may receive a reduced fee.

You will be required to bring warm comfortable, waterproof shoes and loose exercise attire, a warm sleeping bag and foam pad. The workshop will begin at 19.00


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